INSTRUBLITZ'13 cordially invites you to participate in our TECHNICAL QUIZ competition which wil be held in Easwari Engineerin College on 11th september.


Registration for the quiz will begin at 9 .

Participants are requested to register in teams of 2 with a team name.

A preliminary round will be conducted during the fore-noon session.

6 teams will be selected for the on stage quiz during the after-noon session.

The after-noon session comprises of four rounds of quizzing.


Round 1: Prelims. (Forenoon)

It is a paper based questionnaire where 6 teams are selected from the entry contestants. There will be 30 questions comprising of technical, non-technical questions and also logic based puzzles. Contestants are given 20 minutes to answer the questions.

Round 2: General Quiz.

In this round 20 questions will be presented to the contestants. Correct answer receives 10 points.A  passed question receives 5 points.

Round 3: Pick your forte’.     

9 categories will be provided to the contestants.   

Here each team can select one of the given 9 categories. 5 questions will be asked to each team. Correct answers receive 20 points where as wrong answers receive a reduction of 10 points.

Round 4: Modeling.

A unique round, where contestants are supposed to build from given material. Winner of this round receives 30 points. The team coming second receives 20 points.

Round 4: Rapid Fire.

Every team is provided with 20 questions which are to be answered within 5 minutes.  Each correct answer receives 20 points and each wrong answer receives a reduction of 5 points. Questions can be passed if needed to avoid reduction of points.

Contact : Vishnu R Krishnan - 9884344984

                 Shankar.P - 9940096672