INSTRUBLITZ'13 cordially invites you to participate in our ROBO WARZ competition which wil be held in Easwari Engineerin College on 11th september.

Game Rules

·         Participation can be as an individual or group having not more than 4 members.

·         Participants in the team can be same college or different colleges.

·         Each team must declare a name for its robot.

·         If the participants are not present at the arena on the given time then that team will be disqualified.

·         War time between the team will be decided by event organizers.

·         In any situations war bots can be changed by the event organizers.

·         The top teams from qualifying rounds will go for final round

·         The machines are not allowed to leave any loose parts on any part of the arena

·         One operator will operate only machine in the event.

·         Judges decision shall be treated as final and binding on all.

·         Any team that is not ready at the time specified will be eliminated from the competition automatically.

·         You are free to hit or damage the opponent robot in any way you like. The challenge is to make a robot whose task is to drive out your opponent out of the arena, either by pushing or dragging or throwing, within a stipulated time. Prove that your robot has the strength and agility to overpower your opponents.


Dimensions and fabrication:

·         The dimensions of the robot must be no larger than (35cm X 35cm) . The external device used to control the machine or any external tank is not included in the size constraint.

·         The machine should not exceed 12.5 kg of weight.

·         The dimension of the arena will be updated within two days.

Tolerence +/-3.Torque not exceeding 1400 RPM.



Robot Control Requirements:

·         The robots may be wired or wireless.

·         If the machine is wired then the wire should remain slack under all circumstances during the competition. All the wires coming out of the machine should be stacked as a single unit. The wires should be properly insulated. Teams are suggested to use only rated wires. Loose connections or improper wiring may lead to direct disqualification even before the event.

·         If the machine is controlled wireless, the machine must at least have a four frequency remote control circuit or two dual control circuits which may be interchanged before the start of the race to avoid frequency interference with other teams. The case of any interference in the wireless systems will not be considered for rematch or results.

Battery and Power:

·         The machine can be powered electrically only.

·         The electric voltage between 2 points anywhere in the machine should not be more than 12V DC at any time during the game.

·         If a team is using AC voltage then the organizers will provide a standard 220V/50 Hz AC power supply.

·         Any eliminator, adaptor, etc required will have to be arranged by participants themselves.

·         Special care should be taken to protect the on-board batteries.

·         Change of battery will not be allowed during the match.


Weapons Systems:

·         Robots can have any kind of magnetic weapons, cutters, flippers, saws, lifting devices, spinning hammers etc.

·         Weapons with following exceptions and limitations:

·         Detachable weapons with Tethered or un-tethered projectiles like water, fire, bullets etc are not allowed.

·         Nets, tape, glue, or any other entanglement device.

·         High power magnets or electromagnets are not allowed.

·         Radio jamming, tesla coils, or any other high-voltage device are not allowed.

·         Spinning weapons which do not come in contact with the arena at any point of time are allowed.

·         In no case should the arena be damaged by any bot.

·         There can be some hazards in the arena.


For further details contact:

J vigneshwaran    : 9176268264

Arumugam.G :9789085320