INSTRUBLITZ'13 cordially invites you to participate in our ELECTRO AUCTION  competition which wil be held in Easwari Engineerin College on 11th september

A group should consists of a maximum of 3 members.

Preliminary round (Rapid fire)

                • Participants have to answer MCQs based on basics of electrical and electronics.

                • The time allotted to each team is 1 minute, within which the participants are

                  expected to answer maximum number of questions as possible.

                • Top 5 teams will go to the next round. In case of a tie, tie breaker will be


Final round

                • In this round the teams are given the task of constructing functional circuits with

                  the components provided by the organizers.

                • The teams will be given the set of components based on the number that they

                  pick from the assorted number cards placed there. 

                • The time allotted is 30 minutes.

                • Team whose circuit is perfect and gives the desired output will be selected as

                  the winning team.

The factor that is to be borne in mind is to construct a circuit with minimum components and it should also be cost effective.

Contact :  Neeraja.G - 9940570211

                Divya.N - 9791101755